Iwamotocho 2-chome, Minor Refurbishment


Well-balanced design in color for common areas

-Minor refurbishment for an office building which was built in 1992

-Refurbishment completed in October 2008

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-Granite floor panels were cleaned and nonskid coating was applied.
-Marble wall panels were cleaned.
-Aluminum ceiling panels were repainted.
-Down lightings were replaced.
-A new glazed screen for a bending machine was installed.

External Appearance, Before External Apearance, After

-On the tiled external wall, joint sealing was replaced and the surface was cleaned.
-On the granite external wall, the surface was cleaned.
-On the paint sprayed wall, joint sealing was replaced.
-Granite external floor panels were cleaned.

Typical Floor Elevator Hall, Before Typical Floor Elevator Hall, After

-Patterned floor carpet tiles were replaced.
-Vinyl wall papers were replaced.
-Ceiling boards were repainted.
-2 new additional down lightings were installed in front of elevator doors.

Typical Floor Elevator Hall, Before Typical Floor Elevator Hall, After

-A glazed floor signage was replaced.
-Stainless steel corner guards were installed.
-Tenant door frames were repainted.
-Stainless steel tenant name boards were replaced.

Typical Floor Male Toilet, Before Typical Floor Male Toilet, After

-450 x 450 PVC floor tiles with joint bars were installed after taking existing PVC tiles out.
-2 horizontal layers of ceramic wall tiles were replaced and the rest of tiles were cleaned.
-Ceiling boards were repainted.
-Urinals with automatic sensors were installed.
-Urinal floor panels were replaced.

Typical Floor Female Toilet, Before Typical Floor Female Toilet, After

-Washstands and basins were replaced.
-Water mixing taps, soap boxes and electric water heaters were replaced,
-New halogen down lightings were installed after taking existing indirect lightings out.

Elevator Cage, Before Elevator Cage, After

-PVC floor tiles were replaced.
-Laminated plastic sheet was laid on the wall.
-Ceiling panels were replaced.
-New protection mat on the breast wall was installed.
-A control panel, vertical frames and skirting were replaced.

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