Ichibancho, Value-enhancing


Calm and classy design to suit an image of an exclusive residential district

-Major refurbishment for an office building which was constructed in 1987

-Refurbishment completed in January 2009

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-A light image harmonizing with dignifying was created by transparency of glassed facade at 1st & 2nd floor and a horizontal, thin & sharp edged canopy.

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-Keeping quality and calmness of existing stone fixings, outline of space design was created by the lighting plan which overcame darkness issues.
-Aluminum materials which brought an image of external canopy were much used in important locations.

1st Floor Elevator Hall, Before 1st Floor Elevator Hall, After

-Stainless steel which has simple & accented image was used for elevator frames & doors by keeping existing stone cladding.
-Calm atmosphere was created by indirect and spot lightings on the ceiling.
-Lighting glass panels were installed on the elevator side wall by taking account of visibility from the entrance.

Rear Entrance, Before Rear Entrance, After

-Lighting level was upgraded by down lightings as the corridor from the rear entrance was so dark.
-Logos of building names were unified and the fixing position was changed.

Male Toilet, Before Male Toilet, After

-A color image was changed to black & white contrast taste in order to create urbanized and stylish design.

Female Toilet, Before Female Toilet, After

-Cosmetic boxes were installed in female toilets and hand dryers were installed in both toilets.

Kitchenette, Before Kitchenette, After

-High specification which is very similar to male & female toilets was introduced.

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