Kayabacho, Value-enhancing


Cool and smart design to suit a image of the business district

-Major refurbishment for an office building which was built in 1991

-Refurbishment completed in July 2008

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-Stone external wall was cleaned after replacing joint sealing, and tiled & painted external walls were cleaned after repairing surfaces and replacing joint sealing..

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-Osmotic prevent water absorption agents were applied on stone external walls in order to prevent aging stains from a long term view.

Approach, Before Approach, After

-Existing finishings in the high ceiling were removed and replaced to aluminum panels.
-New spot lightings were installed in slit boxes and kept the similar lighting level as the entrance hall.

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-In order to change the entrance hall to a brighter image, the color of the ceiling became white and shape & lightings were altered.

Typical Floor Elevator Hall, Before Typical Floor Elevator Hall, After

-All of floor, wall and ceiling materials were replaced.
-Granite floor borders and granite elevator door frames were installed in order to create a classy image.
-Raised ceiling with indirect lightings was installed to reduce an oppressive feeling in the space.

Male Toilet, Before Male Toilet, After

-All finishing materials and sanitary equipments were replaced.
-High grade artificial stone floor tiles were installed.

Kitchenette, Before Kitchenette, After

-All finishing materials and equipments including a sink were replaced.
-High grade specification was introduced as toilets.

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