Kudan, Value-enhancing


Economical design much reusing existing finishing materials

-Major refurbishment for an office building which built in 1987

-Refurbishment completed in February 2010

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-Shield film was laid from 2nd to 9th floor windows on the west elevation preventing from direct sunshine.

External Appearance at Night, After

-Night visibility was improved by fixing upper lightings on the eaves of the office entrance.

Around Office Entrance, Before Around Office Entrance, After

-The entrance location was much recognized by fixing a new gate-shaped aluminum eaves.

Around Office Entrance at Night, After

-The floor and eaves ceiling were illuminated by upper and down lightings on the eaves.
-Blue-colored LED lightings of building logo were installed on the eaves.

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-Economical design was introduced by just cleaning of existing floor and wall, repainting of ceiling boards and replacing of lightings.
-Stylish design was introduced around the tenant directory.

1st Floor Elevator Hall, Before 1st Floor Elevator Hall, After

-The verticality of elevator frames were emphasized by using stainless vibration finishing horizontal panels and metallic painting vertical steel panels in accordance with elevator whole replacement.
-New recessed ceiling and indirect & down lightings were installed.

1st Floor Elevator Hall at Rear Side, Before 1st Floor Elevator Hall at Rear Side, After

-Similar design to the 1st floor elevator frame was introduced around the corridor door.

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