Jinbocho, Value-enhancing


Design with good contrast in color and combination with lighting & objects

-Major refurbishment for an office building which was built in 1986

-Refurbishment completed in January 2008

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-On the tiled external wall, the survey for bonding, repairing, replacement of joint sealing and cleaning were executed.
-On the painted external wall, repairing of exploded parts, replacement of joint sealing and re-painting were executed.

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-An illegal self-standing signboard was replaced to a side signboard.

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-Stone steps between doors and the public walkway in both entrance were taken out and slopes were constructed for disabled people.

Exteranl Appearance at Night, After

-Upper lights for side walls, upper lights on the eaves of the airlock, and LED lights of the building name were installed as night lighting around the entrance.

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-A neutral, simple and inexpressive high ceiling space was changed to a expressive entrance hall by reviewing finishing materials, and introducing color contrast and shadow design of lighting & objects combination.

1st Floor Elevator Hall, Before 1st Floor Elevator Hall, After

-A traffic line of gusts was re-arranged by installing new signage such as a tenant directory and relocating of a bending machine.

Typical Floor Corridor, Before Typical Floor Corridor, After

-All of floor, wall & ceiling materials and lights were replaced, and uniformity of design and color at the 1st floor was secured.

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