Jinbocho, Seimic Retrofit


Harmonized design with newly appeared structural walls and beams at the entrance hall

-Seismic retrofit for an office building which was refurbished in 2008

-Seismic retrofit work completed in February 2010

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-The following seismic retrofit works were executed.
1. New seismic walls, enlargement of an underground beam and a new second floor beam were constructed outside of the entrance.
2. New seismic walls were constructed along the west side of 1st to 7th floor.
3. A column at 1st floor tenant area was reinforced by fiber.

External Appearance at Night, After

-Enhancing building image by external lightings surrounding the main entrance at night

Around Main Entrance, Before Around Main Entrance, After

-Limestone gate style panels on the wall around the entrance doors were installed to suit the atmosphere in the entrance hall.

Around Main Entrance at Night, After

-Indirect lightings were installed in the slits among the walls and upper lightings were also installed on the eaves of the entrance doors.

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-Limestone panels were installed as the existing wall around the entrance doors.

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-All glazed panels were installed without feeling of oppression after replacement of automatic doors.

Seismic Wall in Tenant Area, Before Seismic Wall in Tenant Area, After

-A new seismic wall was constructed except a small opening.

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