Iidabashi, Value-enhancing


Re-design to revive characteristics of existing spaces

-Major refurbishment for an office building which was built in 1990

-Refurbishment completed in October 2008

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-Survey and repairing of unbonded, cracked & chipped ceramic tiles, and cleaning of external tiles
-Repainting of sprayed external walls
-Replacement of external joint sealing

External Appearance at Night, After

-New lightings were installed at the porch and car access, and the building itself was much recognized by fixing a new accent LED building name lighting on the external wall above the porch.

Porch and Car Access, Before Porch and Car Access, After

-Screen lightings were installed on the porch ceiling, new granite pattern panels were installed on the floor.
-New lightings were installed on the car access ceiling.
-A building image was completely changed due to the above solution of brighter access from the front road to the entrance.

Porch and Car Access at Night, After

-Especially at night, the access to the building entrance was directed as a lighting corridor.

Porch and Car Access, Before Porch and Car Access, After

-A new blind screen for bending machines (Left Side) and a new blind screen for smokers (Right Side) were installed by using milky filmed toughen glasses.

Typical Floor Elevator Hall, Before Typical Floor Elevator Hall, After

-New LED lighting walls were installed around elevator frames
-New finishing materials were installed on the floor, wall and ceiling, and new down and indirect lightings were also installed.
-An elevator hall image was completely changed from darkness due to the above solution.

Male Toilet, Before Male Toilet, After

-All finishing materials were replaced to white based ones, and a blight and clean image was created.

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