Jinbocho 3-chome, Value-enhancing


Classical, modern and calm design

-Major refurbishment for an office building which built in 1990

-Refurbishment completed in May 2008

External Appearance, Before External Appearance, After

-On the stone external wall, the surface was cleaned after adding or replacing joint sealing. On the painted external wall, the surface was cleaned after repairing cracks..

External Appearance at Night, After

-Lined LED lights were installed on the upper part of each floor's external windows as designed night lighting.

Airlock, Before Airlock, After

-Frames of automatic doors were replaced to a thin stainless vibration finished type as the existing frames were thick and a lack of sharpness.

Entrance Hall, Before Entrance Hall, After

-A bright, calm and classy space was created by introducing well-designed signage and lighting.
-Natural wooden panels with granite cladding were installed on the wall, designed granite floor panels were installed and partial raised ceiling boards were installed.

Typical Floor Elevator Hall, Before Typical Floor Elevator Hall, After

-A classy space was created by introducing wooden pattern PVC sheet and granite panels which were used in !st floor design concept.
-Full-height glazed doors with stainless vibration finished frames were installed after enlarging the opening size at the tenant entrance.

Male Toilet, Before Male Toilet, Afer

-Toilets were completely changed to high-grade ones by using granites on the wall & the floor, and marbles on the washing counters.

Elevator Cage, After

-Two elevators were replaced after taking existing ones out.
-Stainless vibration finished panels were installed on the internal wall of cages and granite panels were installed on the floor.

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