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Company Name Value-Up Consulting Co., Ltd.

Wakaba-cho, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0003, Japan

Telephone +81-3-5314-9317
Facsimile +81-3-5314-9318
Date of Incorporation 7th July 2010
Representative Director Satoru Fujino



  1. Consulting services in respect of survey, assessment, examination and refurbishment on buildings
  2. Import, export, sales and lease for building materials, interior products & furniture
  3. Design, construction, supervision and inspection on buildings
  4. Consulting services in respect of condominium management
  5. Sales, leasing, management services and agency for real estates
  6. Consulting services in respect of real estate investments
  7. Any business in connection with the above-mentioned items


Mr. Satoru Fujino, Representative Director

  • First Class Architect, Japan
  • Registered Real Estate Broker
  • Licensed Condominium Manager
  • Certified Construction Manager of Japan
  • Certified Facility Manager of Japan
  • Certified Building Administrator
  • CASBEE Architectural Assessor
  • CO2 Reduction Expert

In March 1975, Mr. Satoru Fujino was graduated from Toyama Chubu High School.

In March 1979, he was graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture.

In April 1979, he joined a major Japanese general contractor and worked overseas for 13 years out of his total 21 years’ employee career in the company. During working abroad, he was a site engineer in Singapore for the construction of Nanyang Technological Institute for 3 years, thereafter transferred to London as a project manager of various office buildings in the United Kingdom for 10 years. After returning to Japan in 1997, he took a new assignment by his extensive experience in Europe to undertake the procurement of overseas building materials such as importing marbles or granites from Italy for 3 years.

After leaving the above company in 2000, he worked for 3 property companies. Firstly, he worked for a Japanese property management company as a technical manager for looking after office buildings. Secondly, he worked for a US based property company as an acquisition manager. Finally, he worked for an asset management company for US based real estate fund as a head of Construction Management Department for various value-enhancing works.

In July 2010, he established a consultancy company, Value-Up Consulting Co., Ltd. that is providing professional advisory services in respect of Construction Management for office value-enhancing works.

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