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Expert in Construction Management services for highly specified value-enhancing works on medium-sized office buildings because of vast experience in such projects

For the last 4 years, the representative director has been engaged in major refurbishment works (value-enhancing works) on 8 medium-sized office buildings (Total floor area of each building is approximately 7,000 sqm.) whose age is more than 20 years as a client’s side construction manager. As the total contract sum is in excess of 3.6 billion yen, the average contract sum of 8 buildings becomes just less 0.5 billion yen. It shows that he has had extensive experience to undertake highly specified office refurbishment works during such a short term.

  1. To upgrade buildings and facilities by satisfying the required performance in order to suit quality improvement due to change of life.
  2. To introduce a complete change of the building image by adopting the high quality design
  3. To extend another cycle of the building life expectancy (approximately 20 years).

Under the above mentioned policy, he has made plans of value-enhancing works which include major refurbishment of aged building facilities by focusing on upgrading the specification of the common area and tenancy area, and finally realized some projects. After due performance of these projects, our company would propose the best possible value-enhancing plan to our client by carrying out a careful cost effectiveness study and exercising which part we should concentrate on.


Providing various services to meet the client’s requirement from the standpoint of the investor as the representative director has worked for an asset management company as a construction manager for 4 years

The representative director has worked for an asset management company for US based real estate fund as a head of Construction Management Department for 4 years. Because the most important mission for the Department is to make the building hardware more valuable, he has concentrated on the following points.

  1. To make the rent upward when the rent is reviewed by satisfying the existing tenant’s requirement.
  2. 2. To make vacant office spaces competitive by introducing distinct and attractive building specification.
  3. 3. To make the property salable at a higher price by maintaining the building in good condition.

With the investor’s standpoint which has been grown while he worked for the said company, we are confident to be able to propose a well-balanced value-enhancing plan to our expected client.

On the other hand, the asset management company for J-REIT or private fund is responsible for accountability because the real estate investment is now dealt with as financial instruments. As we can understand the investor’s requirement precisely, we would provide not only various proposals or advisory services but also progress reports or additional explanations subject to our client’s request. Therefore, we think that our client could fulfill its duty for accountability by having the third party’s advices, reports or explanations from us.


Making an objective clear by our proposal of the basic plan and providing the total management of the project up to the completion on behalf of the client

Our proposal containing Building Outline, Cost Plan, Unit Price List and Basic Design for Main Refurbishment Area (Entrance Hall, Typical Floor’s Elevator Hall, Toilet and Kitchenette) is regarded as a project guideline which makes an objective of the project clear. After carrying out a feasibility exercise and a careful cost effectiveness study, we obtain the client’s approval. After that, we will commence the tender process for appointing a design & build contractor.

We always act on behalf of the client, coordinate various issues which might be raised by the client, architect & contractor and unify the project team. We also provide consistent management services until the project is completed through the whole process of the basic design, tender action and construction. Although we do not provide pure design services, we will carry out Project Management services as a representative of the client.


Establishing the consistent management system from the viewpoint of cost, scheduling, design, procurement, execution, safety and quality in association with construction managers and designers who have vast experience and excellent track record

Our company has comprehensive agreements with Mikami Construction Planners HK Incorporated (Construction Managers), RIC Design Corp. (Interior Designers) and SO design Inc. (Concept Designers). In the last 4 years as a team member, the representative director has involved in successful projects which contain 8 value-enhancing works, a seismic retrofit work and 3 minor refurbishment works. We could utilize our proprietary network of major architect offices, interior designers and concept designers to accommodate a wide range of design requests from our clients.

Our Construction Management services are focused on works contents taking account of maintenance matter after completion, adoption of proper execution procedures, and coordination with contractors with balance of construction period & cost as well as control of variation orders during execution. Finally, we could achieve the objectives of the project.

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