Our CM Style

A. Basic Design Stage

   – Our best possible proposal for basic designs which include following 2 points will be submitted after careful study of the building maintenance record, repairing record and site survey. This proposal will include Building Outline, Cost Plan, Unit Price List and Main Refurbishment Area’s Design.

  1. Upgrading of Common Area such as Facade, Entrance Hall, Typical Floor’s Elevator Halls, Toilets & Kitchenettes as well as Tenant Area
  2. Total refurbishment for Mechanical, Electrical, Security and Elevators

B. Tender Stage

   – A design & build contractor will be appointed by tender which takes following steps after obtaining the client’s approval for the above proposal.

  1. Prepare tender documents
  2. Provide information for site orientation
  3. Response to questionnaire from tenders
  4. Collect cost estimates from tenders
  5. Check cost estimates and assess tender sums
  6. Report a tender result to the client

   – As differentiations from other companies we prepare bills of quantities as a part of tender documents. So, we could manage cost control appropriately during the construction period. In this stage, a superintendent will be appointed in order to convey the design concept to the contractor properly.


C. Construction Stage

   – In this stage, the factors of cost, scheduling, design, procurement, construction procedure, safety and quality will be managed appropriately. Specific services in each stage are described as follows.

C.1 Preparation

  1. Check the construction plan and support the approval procedure
  2. Prepare documents for a kick-off meeting
  3. Check construction documents which contain scheduling, organization, planning and safety from the contractor

C.2 Construction

  1. Arrange regular site meetings for discussion, communication and reporting of the construction status
  2. Prepare the agenda and check the minutes
  3. Primary survey and checking of the agenda
  4. Check submitted documents such as working instructions, construction programs and shop drawings.
  5. Check construction plans and working instructions
  6. Check shop drawings and support the approval procedure
  7. Manage forecast-achievement activities on the construction program
  8. Check quality of finishing works
  9. Check consistency between design and actual construction
  10. Check workmanship of finishing works
  11. Inspect the partial completion status and check the hand-over status
  12. Check and assess variations and additional works
  13. Check and assess an interim payment

C.3 Completion

  1. 1. Organize a completion inspection
  2. Arrange and organize a completion meeting
  3. Check completion documents and instruct any amendments
  4. Check the final construction cost and report the assessment
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